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The Santa Fe Trail traversed Kansas from 1821 to 1880, transporting manufactured goods from Missouri and silver and furs from Santa Fe, New Mexico.Wagon ruts from the trail are still visible in the prairie today.

I could make a lot more money promoting other sites, but I will not compromise my integrity just to make money.” — Pastor J, founder of Christian Dating More and more “Christian dating” sites are popping on the Internet all the time.

Tribes in the western part of the state were semi-nomadic and hunted large herds of bison.

Kansas was first settled by European Americans in 1812, in what is now Bonner Springs, but the pace of settlement accelerated in the 1850s, in the midst of political wars over the slavery issue.

I am a born-again follower of Jesus Christ, and strive to honor Him in everything I do.

Since I started in 1999, many similar sites have popped up, and virtually all of them promote sites that are not Christian-owned.

Keep in mind that God is in control and you should be seeking Him first and always.

God bless you as you seek His will for a godly mate. Kansas Territory stretched all the way to the Continental Divide and included the sites of present-day Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.Missouri and Arkansas sent settlers into Kansas all along its eastern border.Southwest Kansas, however, was still a part of Spain, Mexico, and the Republic of Texas until the conclusion of the Mexican–American War in 1848, when these lands were ceded to the United States.From 1812 to 1821, Kansas was part of the Missouri Territory.The abolitionists prevailed, and on January 29, 1861, Kansas entered the Union as a free state.

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