Dating game murder photos

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Dating game murder photos

Alcala used every ounce of his charm while on the show, and actually won a date with Cheryl Bradshaw, the episodes' bachelorette, whose affections he was competing for.They never did go on that date though, as Bradshaw thought he was creepy.

"We've received several calls saying that someone in a photo could be so-and-so who's been missing or found dead," Ellis said Friday.

He also raped his victims, and beat some of them with metal rods and other items.

(CNN) -- Dozens of tips have poured in after California authorities released more than 100 photos of women and children on Thursday that are believed to have been taken by a serial killer who appeared on the "Dating Game." Police determined Friday that two female minors in the pictures, taken in the 1970s, are alive and well.

Ellis said police received tips on as many as four dead or missing women who were identified by other people calling and e-mailing about the photos.

"People are saying that they recognize someone from their past, from school or college or the neighborhood beach," he said.

Many of his victims were as young as 12, and his very first stint in prison was for raping and beating an eight-year-old girl.

Serial killer Rodrigo Jacques Alcala Buquor was born in San Antonio, TX, in 1943.Alcala has been convicted of committing five murders and has confessed to an additional 30.However, based on the number of pictures that he took of his victims, and the many different locations that accusations are pouring in from, he might have actually killed closer to 130 women.Nancy Grace blog: See the photos Huntington Beach Police are contacting law enforcement authorities across the country with information about dead or missing women who were identified by people calling or e-mailing on Friday, Ellis said.He stressed that police have not confirmed that any of the women or children in the photos are dead or 1978, and even managed to be "Bachelor Number One," despite the fact that he had already killed several women by that time.

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