Taboo chat lines

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Taboo chat lines

In our youth, the penalty was generally silence, although that varied over time, as well.

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I'd discussed it with Andy and we'd agreed to split gas for the rest of the trip.

The ransoms were generally something simple like pennies, candy or assumption of chores.

The ransoms became progressively elaborate and often involved favors.

There were several reasons, really, but the main one was that some of our 'punishments' had escalated to a point that touched on taboo.

Our parents finally put the brakes on it when they discovered that 'titty-twisters' had been introduced.

Thus, I was absolutely overjoyed when spring break of our junior year of college was nearly upon us, and our parents proposed a trip to Florida.

Andy and I agreed that a trip with our family would be fun.Andy got a full scholarship at an excellent local college, while I had gotten a full ride at one of the few public Ivy League schools. By the time Andy and I were off to college, he was starting to play various kids games.The fact that Andy was attending college so close to home meant he got to see Jason more than I did, in general.As with nearly all childhood games many start innocently, but often take on a different tone as childhood ends and adolescence begins.My brother and I had played variations of this particular game since we were five or six years old.That's about the same time our younger brother, Jason, was born.