Limerick online dating com

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Limerick online dating com

Additionally, those interested are invited to participate in (or observe) services that include traditional Gregorian chant sung by members of Glenstal’s famous choir.Some highlights of the week will be experiencing Nóirín Ní Riain and the beauty of her voice, a special dinner with some of the Monks of the Abbey, and the opportunity to spend an afternoon at mystical Lough Gur — a magnificent Bronze Age Stone Circle — largest in Ireland.

The abbey sits on 350 acres, with streams, lakes, woodland paths, and an enchanting walled garden.Seminar transportation (included) to the Connemara Coast Hotel in Galway. There is no other spot in Ireland so rich with evidence of prehistoric habitation and ceremony, and soaked in mythic traditions.Lough Gur is but 22 km (13.7 miles) from the bustle of the modern city of Limerick, but it stands centuries apart in its symbolic landscape, and millennia apart in its magnificent Bronze Age stone circle, the largest in Ireland.Join us at Glenstal Abbey and engage in stimulating discussion and dialogue with Jungian analysts John Hill, Ann Belford Ulanov, Aryeh Maidenbaum, the erudite monks of Glenstal, and Father Gregory Collins, Abbot of the Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem.During the course of our program, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the serene surroundings of the abbey, visit its extraordinary Icon Chapel, join the monks for a festive dinner, and have ample time to walk about the grounds.Interestingly enough, some research has shown that those who are able to “forgive” suffer fewer health problems, are happier overall in their lives, and more optimistic about the future than those who hold grudges and stay angry. What if the wrongs done us are simply too great to forgive?

Where do we draw the line between forgiving and forgetting?From a religious point of view, this instant forgiveness may fit well with the idea that forgiveness is a sacred or holy virtue, one we should all aspire to.From a psychological perspective, one could alternatively view instant absolution as a form of denial — or an over identification with the archetypes of martyrdom or sainthood.…the journey [was] so enriching and meaningful to me.It was perhaps the best trip I have ever taken, the most insightful program I have ever attended…I look forward to attending more of your programs.Surrounding a castle built in the romantic Norman style, it also houses one of the most important private libraries in Ireland, with a substantial collection of antiquarian books (many dating back to the 15th century) on Irish history, Irish literature, biography, and art.

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