Bobbi kristina brown and nick gordon dating

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Everything was going great." "It started with a push and a slap, it would happen at least once a week.

The coroner later announced that the official cause of death was accidental drowning.

Bobbi Kristina was found facedown in a bathtub on Jan.

According to reports, police are investigating suspicious injuries on Bobbi Kristina, who is brain-dead but still on life support.

"Can't believe it's been 5years," Gordon, 26, captioned a throwback photo of himself with the late mother-daughter duo on Twitter. I know you and Kriss are enjoying each other up there.

RIH." Houston died at the age of 48 in February 2012.

In case you missed the news over the weekend, Nick Gordon was arrested on charges of domestic violence and kidnapping over the weekend.

The man partially raised by Whitney Houston — who was dating Bobbi Kristina Brown at the time of her death — allegedly beat his current girlfriend so badly she had to go to the hospital.

I was punched so hard that I was seeing colors and a bright flashing light. She recalled: "I didn't mean to break his nose but it was a survival instinct.

I thought I was going to go blind and wondered whether I was ever going to be able to see again. He looked at me with such hate that I will never forget it.

That same year, Gordon was arrested after totaling a Camaro.

Family members contend the unemployed Gordon spent most days smoking marijuana and being “high all of the time.” Houston family members are convinced Gordon “had been counting Whitney’s money since she died,” the source said.

The relationship between Nick and Bobbi had been a sore spot for her father, Bobby Brown, and the Houston family for some time.

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