Who is angelique boyer dating

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Who is angelique boyer dating

While there appear to be no wedding plans as of the moment, but given the level of their affection to one another, it is almost certain that Angelique and Sebastian have thought and talked about starting a family together in the not-so-distant future.As to when will that be exactly, only the two of them know at this time.

According to Dating Fix, aside from the same Zodiac sign, they also share the same profession as actors in telenovelas.

Boyer and her family moved to Mexico when she was two years old.

At a very young age, she became a member of the musical group "Rabanitos Verdes" (Little Green Radishes).

Everyone in the Mexican film and TV industry knows how deeply in love actors Sebastian Rulli and Angelique Boyer with one another.

Since they began dating last year, the relationship of the pair has raised several notches higher as the two are now very much in love and it is showing in both their faces.

After Rebelde, Boyer auditioned for Bailando por la Boda de mis Sueños (Dancing for my Dream Wedding).

In 2009, she was cast in the high crime drama television series Mujeres Asesinas 2.

Sebastian and Angelique are so in love with each other that speculations have been going around that the two are on course to their engagement and perhaps wedding bells too.

However, the couple denied that they are tying the knot soon, saying that wedding plans are far from the minds and that they are savoring the moment right now and enjoying each other’s company.

At the age of eight she enrolled in the Centro de Educación Artística, where she later graduated at the age of 12.

While filming Rebelde, she and two other co-stars - the characters of Celina (Estefanía Villareal) and José Luján (Zoraida Gómez) - formed the band Citricus or C3Q'S.

They also have the same blonde color hair and green eyes.

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