Consolidating finance

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This creates a total income and expenses for the entire group of companies, including the parent.

However, these two options involve risk — to your home or your retirement.

This avoids misrepresenting transactions that distort actual results of the parent company and subsidiary.

Both combined and consolidated financial statements add the subsidiary companies' income and expenses to the parent company.

This creates an account called noncontrolling interest or minority interest, which tracks the part of the subsidiary not owned by the parent.

In the United States, a company with greater than 50 percent ownership of another company must consolidate its financial statements.

This is because the parent has controlling interest in the subsidiary group of companies.

In both cases, combined and consolidated financial statements, accountants must keep track of the noncontrolling interest relationship between the parent and subsidiary.Depending on the complexity of the process and the company's preference, finance managers can use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, modules in corporate performance management or enterprise resource planning software suites, or specialty software for financial consolidation.Many experts advise against using Excel for the consolidation because spreadsheets don't facilitate collaboration, which in turn, can lead to a high probability of errors.A parent company with a controlling interest in a subsidiary consolidates the financial statements of its subsidiary into its own financial statement.A combined financial statement shows financial results of different subsidiary companies from that of the parent company.For investors, a company's financial statements offers insight into the health of the company.