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As we begin the 21st Century, two leaders in the public eye, Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Russia, and Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, are vying for world wide recognition.

Dear Kath Juliane, I believe your overall simplifying parameters are sound and translates into acceptable figures of the energy converted during the brief interval of a crash.The Cybernetics Society holds scientific meetings, conferences, and social events, and engages in other activities to encourage public understanding of science and to extend and disseminate knowledge of cybernetics and its associated disciplines.The Society aims to support the Continuing Professional Development of its members.Hailed as “the first Presidential Seder in America’s history,” by Haaretz and declared a “new tradition” to be observed for years to come in the White House by the New York Times, Obama joined Jewish advisers, David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Lesser, Susan Sher (Michelle Obama’s counsel), and Herbie Ziskend, a staff assistant to Vice President Joe Biden, to celebrate the Jewish rite. As Goethe pointed out, a great leader holds people together.Vladimir Putin is doing this very thing in a resurgent Christian Russia, whose Christian roots and heritage of many generations are being reestablished in that nation’s cultural and religious life.For instance, on April 4, 2010, Vladimir Putin brought his co-leader, Dimitri Medvedev, along with state photographers, to Easter Sunday services in Moscow, joining 4 million Russians in celebrating the nation’s holiest day of the year.

Following the service, Putin and Medvedev appeared on National Television to “congratulate” the Russian people for “celebrating the Resurrection of Christ.” Here & Here.However, after huge pressure from 16 Jewish leaders from 14 Jewish organizations, (there are thousands of them), and Israel’s recalcitrance, Obama dropped his demand only 2 months later.on February 8, 2010, Vladimir Putin banned a fictional television series which “dramatized” the lives of Moscow schoolchildren with scenes of rebellion and depravity.So your Newtonian formulae (first principles) will give app 230MJ.You may get a better feeling converting it to power units considering a time of say 1 second…230 MW (Megawatt). Halina: I’m very interested in knowing the truth, just sticking to the technical details will presumably carry us to the facts surrounding this tragedy.“We think it would be premature to go forward with any project at this time because we want to send an unequivocal message to the Iranians,” she told journalists.

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