Rowupdating checkbox

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The question of how to add checkboxes to interactive reports comes up often.

For example deleting, moving, copying, bulk editing, etc. The other use is to actually edit the underlying report data.

The Java Script code needs to select the report so give the report region a Static id.

Select the Employees report node and under Advanced enter var cb$, checked, all Rows$, sel$ = $("#P1_SELECTED"), event = this.browser Event, target$ = $(, th$ = target$.closest("th"), tr$ = target$.closest("tr"); if (th$.length) else if (tr$.length) var checked, all Rows$ = $("#myreport").find("td input"); all Rows$.filter(":checked").closest("tr")Class("selected"); checked = (all Rows$.length === all Rows$.filter(":checked").length); $("#myreport").find("th input")[0].checked = checked; You may have noticed that the above code in addition to checking the checkbox also adds a selected class to the row.

It provides a visual cue that the row can be selected and shows the current selected state, supports tab for navigation and can be activated with mouse or keyboard.

In addition I think that you should be able to click anywhere in the row to select it.

This means that asynchronous requests should be used and they could be processed by the server after the pagination request.

If you are currently using a dynamic action it may work now but it won’t work in the future; you must not rely on dynamic actions being synchronous.

This results in many little ajax requests which is not great.

But the bigger problem is that you shouldn’t use synchronous ajax because it is deprecated and creates a bad user experience.

To start create a new application (or use an existing one). (try it here.) Open the home page in page designer. From the item gallery drag a hidden item to the Employees region. This is to be expected because hidden items don’t take up any space in the layout grid.

Add a new Interactive Report region to the home page. Look in the rendering tree and you will see it there. Feel free to give the other columns nicer Heading labels.

Most examples you see that put a checkbox in an interactive report make use of the arrays are not sent to the server during report pagination.

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