Ivory coast girls for dating

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Ivory coast girls for dating

Kurtz’s Intended - Kurtz’s naïve and long-suffering fiancée, whom Marlow goes to visit after Kurtz’s death.

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She believes firmly in imperialism as a charitable activity that brings civilization and religion to suffering, simple savages.

They hate the natives and treat them like animals, although in their greed and ridiculousness they appear less than human themselves.

Cannibals - Natives hired as the crew of the steamer, a surprisingly reasonable and well-tempered bunch.

He is killed when the steamer is attacked by natives hiding on the riverbanks.

Kurtz’s African mistress - A fiercely beautiful woman loaded with jewelry who appears on the shore when Marlow’s steamer arrives at and leaves the Inner Station.

Russian trader - A Russian sailor who has gone into the African interior as the trading representative of a Dutch company.

He is boyish in appearance and temperament, and seems to exist wholly on the glamour of youth and the audacity of adventurousness.

His brightly patched clothes remind Marlow of a harlequin. Helmsman - A young man from the coast trained by Marlow’s predecessor to pilot the steamer.

He is a serviceable pilot, although Marlow never comes to view him as much more than a mechanical part of the boat.

His downfall seems to be a result of his willingness to ignore the hypocritical rules that govern European colonial conduct: Kurtz has “kicked himself loose of the earth” by fraternizing excessively with the natives and not keeping up appearances; in so doing, he has become wildly successful but has also incurred the wrath of his fellow white men. General manager - The chief agent of the Company in its African territory, who runs the Central Station.

He owes his success to a hardy constitution that allows him to outlive all his competitors.

They are the audience for the central story of Heart of Darkness, which Marlow narrates.