The intelligent woman39s guide to online dating

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The intelligent woman39s guide to online dating - international love dating men searching for women

Her seemingly perfect marriage of 25 years was over. Twelve days later, ignoring her girlfriends who thought she was moving too fast, she joined an online dating service. She decided to share her secrets of success with other women and wrote THE INTELLIGENT WOMAN’S GUIDE TO ONLINE DATING: And She Lived Happily Ever After, available on and at The Intelligent Womans Koppel holds degrees in education, psychology, and journalism.

This is a common online dating strategy, but I think it makes the man wonder, “What else is she lying about? She also lied about where she lived and her drinking preferences.

Dale Koppel the author of “THE INTELLIGENT WOMAN’S GUIDE TO ONLINE DATING: And She Lived Happily Ever After.” joined the show.

Dr Dale teaches workshops on online dating as well as coaches women one-on-one.

Spencer Lieb, senior epidemiologist at the Bureau of HIV/AIDS at the Florida Department of Health, states “the number of HIV and AIDS patients in the over-50 crowd nationwide had grown in recent years.” I think we who have a platform need to encourage only safe sex practices, no matter what we chose to do in our own relationships.

Disclosing that you’ve only used a condom once with a series of lovers is irresponsible to readers, even if it’s true.

Her book is based on her own online dating experiences as well as her expertise in the field of psychology.

Just three months shy of the big Six-O, Dale Koppel, Ph D, found herself suddenly single.But then I’ve not had to deal with the reasons she chose to lie, so I can’t say what I’d do in similar circumstances.I’m unclear why this is “the intelligent woman’s guide” since some of her advice does not sound like an intelligent woman’s decision making.But for those wanting more solid, extensive advice on how to navigate online dating sites, I’m afraid there are other more useful resources._________________ shares strategies, examples and stories for understanding and utilizing dating sites. Tagged as: 40 dating, boomer dating, Dating after 40, dating after 50, dating after forty, dating over 40, dating over 50, mature dating, midlife dating, online dating advice, over 40 dating i have been trying for years to find a suitable partner to share my life with since i have been put out to pasture for being over the age of 50 i do value myself so i do not consider casual relationships i.e.She developed skills and created strategies that really worked. She wrote Women Are The Superior Sex and Why Women Worry for Globe Communications.