Validating identity problem

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Validating identity problem - dating ariane add on

The increasing prevalence of cloud applications, mobile devices and remote users will spur IDaa S adoption in the coming years.

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Only greenfield companies are likely to use entirely cloud-based directories.

Syncing a clear text list of passwords directly to an IDaa S platform would be insecure.

Instead, passwords can be encrypted with a one-way algorithm, creating what's called a hash, which then syncs to the IDaa S.

It enables this provisioning by using the emerging System for Cross-Domain Identity Management standard, features in SAML 2.0 or through proprietary APIs or integrations.

Automated provisioning eliminates time-consuming manual tasks for IT when deploying new cloud apps.

Sixty-three percent of data breaches involve using weak, default or stolen passwords, according to Verizon's "2016 Data Breach Investigations Report." Identity federation can reduce the exposure of passwords, and multifactor authentication can decrease the likelihood of hackers using weak, default or stolen passwords alone to breach enterprise systems.

Identity management benefits from several technology trends and innovations.In addition, mobile device management (MDM) protocols can help distribute security certificates, further reducing the need for users to enter passwords.Identity management also enables automated account provisioning in cloud applications.Even though identity and access management as a service is oriented to cloud applications, many IDaa S products can control remote access to on-premises apps, too, often through a proxy.This approach enables IT to centrally apply policies for all applications.Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0, a standard protocol that federates identity to cloud applications, is becoming more popular.

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