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As Valentine's Day arrives, the online dating business is in the midst of an extreme makeover.

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Browsing Chateau Heartiste today i noticed that he tweeted (Link Bellow) a rather funny yet factual article about BC Canada’s law changes for live in partners of 2 years, basically Common Law partners.

(Link Bellow) Basically this would give the Common Law couple the obligation to divide their assets should they split up after 2 years of cohabitation.

Most of the rest of Canada jumped in an uproar accusing Quebec of being old fashioned and behind the times. Or maybe resistance to the status quo is just what society needs to kick the feminazi agenda square in the proverbial balls.

This is funny as Quebec has always been the most leftist province in Canada sporting the most social help programs than any other in this country, inducing the highest income tax rate to support all these programs. It seems governments around the world are passing ridiculous laws in order to follow the majority so they don’t look like they stand out and aren’t labelled rebels.

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Now i’m not one to usually post about Men’s rights, the MRA movement or anything really related to that.