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Spain and the world now waits to see what will happen after the Catalan secession crisis took its most dramatic turn yet on Friday when the regional parliament voted in favour of an independent Catalan republic - and 45 minutes later, the Spanish Senate granted Madrid the right to direct rule.

For any germaphobes, bedding is single use and professionally cleaned so you don’t have to worry about catching anything. They’ve got it covered – an employee will wake you up at the end of your session.Declaring that a snap Catalan regional election would be held on 21 December, Mr Rajoy insisted: “We have enough means to restore legal normality in a pacific, moderate way.” Whether peace really will be maintained, however, remains to be seen.Many now fear the possibility of clashes between the Mossos and police or army trying to enforce the control of Madrid, with some commentators even suggesting there may be a second Spanish civil war.The outcome of the vote, nonetheless, was given a rapturous welcome by thousands of pro-independence supporters waiting in warm sunshine outside the parliament.Amongst them were dozens of mayors from towns and villages who had travelled specially to Barcelona, many with their ceremonial staff of office, to express their support for secession.The Royal Palace of Madrid is the Spanish royal family’s official residence, but it is now used only for state ceremonies and receptions.

Take a tour of the gorgeous palace to gawk at its breathtaking opulence.Catalonia’s push for autonomy in the 1930s was one of the causes of the 1936-1939 civil war which led to the dictator General Franco suppressing Catalan civil liberties and language – a repression that is bitterly remembered to this day.Although Mr Puigdemont and the 12 members of the Catalan Cabinet will now no longer be paid and could be charged with usurping others' functions if they refuse to obey Madrid, there was no immediate sign that they were willing to comply.Even when news began to filter through of the measures taken by Mr Rajoy, the mood in the old quarter surrounding the plaza remained largely good-humoured with impromptu firework displays, loud music and the waving of Catalan flags.“The people are the motor of any country and they will be here when they need to be,” said one middle-aged nationalist, Pep Gracia, standing in a nearby street, when asked how he felt about the possible measures. And it’s the people who will handle matters, not the [regional] government.If you’re in Madrid and want to check it out visit Siesta & Go’s website or Facebook page.

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