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The metabolite is, finally, excreted out in urine via the kidneys.

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After this period it is usually not detected in urine. If a large quantity of alcohol has also been consumed with cocaine, it takes even longer to eliminate- 5 days approximately.Toxicity of the drug is increased and effects last much long.Liver metabolizes the two chemicals in combination, to give out Cocaethylene as a metabolite.If you are a regular user, even if you take little amounts, elimination time is around 20 days.This happens because when the drug is used frequently, a portion of it gets stored in the fatty tissues of our body. Again, if alcohol is also being taken along, then around 25 days or even a month are required for complete elimination of the drug.Home kits available in the market are also based on urine testing.

In long-term or regular users, the drug is stored in the fatty tissues, especially that of the liver and subcutaneous fat that we have under our skin.It is common among users to drink heavy while they use cocaine.This Combination potentiate the effects of cocaine.While cocaine has a half life of 1 hour, benzoylecgonine has a half life of 6 hours.Saliva test-Urine testing is most popular because it is painless, easy and inexpensive.So the user is detected positive even if he hasn’t taken the drug for some time.