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The Palissy Company and the Hammersley trade name were sold to Aynsley China in 1989. Royal Worcester and Spode are now owned by Portmeirion.

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In December 1988 the use of the Hammersley and Palissy trade names ceased and in 1989 Palissy closed and the factory was demolished.

Hotpoint products are now generally imported, but I understand that some tumble dyers are still made in the UK.

I asked Hotpoint / Indesit about this and they were less than forthcoming about where their products are made, but did confirm that some production still takes place in the UK and in Europe.

All their other lights are made in China under license. Witney Blankets were not made by a single company or business but by lots of separate individuals and firms over the years.

Interestingly new Anglepoise lamps are very expensive to buy, whereas you might expect otherwise now that Anglepoise are cheaply made in China. Modern England Derwent Graphic HB; Vintage Utility Blue SO Code No.48-11 Made in England; Vintage Made in England B Venus Drawing B By Appointment to H. They came in very many different sizes, patterns, qualities, colours, materials and different methods were used to make them.

Imperial Tobacco is to close its Nottingham factory by 2016. Or for that matter a company who produced great little tin openers like that below.

Cigarette maker JTI Gallaher (now Japanese owned) is to shut its factory in County Antrim by around 2016. Old Holborn is a brand of hand rolling tobacco produced by Richard Lloyd & Sons (a subsidiary of Gallaher Group which itself is a subsidiary of Japan Tobacco). This Morfed (South Wales) Limited British Army Tin Opener was made in Great Britain in 1974.————————- Anglepoise (formerly Herbert Terry) used to strike me as a very British brand and they used to manufacture everything in the UK, but sadly no more. ————————- Witney Blankets For over 300 years the small Oxfordshire town of Witney was famous for its blankets, which were exported all over the World.Anglepoise now only make the Giant 1227 lamp in the UK. Sadly, the last blanket mill in Witney has now closed.————————- The last two cigarette factories in UK are to close.Production is to move to Germany and Poland or Romania. The words “Made in the UK” are clearly visible but this won’t be the case much longer if Japan Tobacco go ahead with closing the UK factory.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

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