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The teenage mothers are more likely to end up relying on welfare.

Jamie, who was 16 when impregnated, is now dealing with having responsibilities and, as she said, trying to be the best mother she can (For many, the realization that their cute, innocent baby can be demanding and overwhelming or frightening at times.Other teen parents are overcome with guilt or fears about the baby’s, and their own future. The popular MTV shows have brought up many controversial arguments about teenage pregnancy.Each teenage parent might see it in a different perspective.Some may not want their baby, while others will view the birth of their child as an achievement without recognizing the responsibilities that come with being a parent.One mother shared that while her 15-year old daughter was watching the show, she commented on how depressing it was.

Other mothers use it as conversation starters as to what the appropriate age is to get married and start a family.A special understanding and education about nutrition, infections, substance abuse and the various complications is essential during this time in the young adult’s life (Being pregnant at such a young age can be an extremely emotional experience for a teen.It is believed by some to portray the wrong image by not mentioning the use of contraception.The show never comes out to say that Amy, the 15-year-old girl who becomes impregnated, had unprotected sex.According to , 82% of teen pregnancies are unintended and account for 20% of all unplanned pregnancies per year.

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