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Initially, we started with one issue a year, which later increased to four and then to six in 2011.We currently publish over 100 articles a year covering all aspects of medicine and healthcare.

On behalf of the entire OMJ team, thank you for visiting the online home of the OMJ.We do this to complement OMSB’s mission to provide quality healthcare through quality medical education.As part of this commitment, we are listed and indexed in over 35 databases, and this number continues to grow.We publish a wide range of articles, including original research, case reports, and preliminary studies.We also publish editorials and letters intended to inform and spark debate about key medical issues.Most payments that R&D-active firms received from organizations located in Canada was from non-affiliated companies and other organizations (0 million), with the remaining million coming from parents, affiliates or subsidiaries.

The services-producing sector, including wholesale trade and professional, scientific and technical services, continued to account for over half (8 million) of all spending on IP by R&D-active businesses. The manufacturing sector accounted for the next highest amount (4 million) spent on IP.

Natural Resources Canada has a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio consisting of training and workshop material, software, and patented technologies in the fields of energy efficiency, clean tech, explosives, mining, forestry, earth sciences, mapping and earth observation.

Our intellectual property is available to the public for use through various licensing arrangements.

IP can include different forms of registered instruments that generate revenues through sales and licensing, such as patents, trademarks and copyrights.

It can also include transactions related to original and packaged software, databases with useful lives exceeding one year and other payments for IP.

IP payments received by R&D-active firms operating in services-producing industries increased 14.3% to .4 billion in 2015, accounting for 9 in 10 dollars of IP sales.

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