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Can it really be run while the file is being updated? I seem to remember there being concerns in earlier days of an index not always being updated correctly. I don't know that we'd want to, but is it advisable? * We use EMC to clone our production account so we can run nightly reports off-line. If subtle, are there ways to detect issues before our users do?

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All liability for viruses is excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.But it can happen with other fields, for example a field that contains state codes, or even a field that contains customer codes, but many of the record are for the same customer.Look at the distribution of the records for each value in the field that you are indexing on.I would say the cost in update time vs index benefit will be file-specific, depending on how much the file is written to and how often it is searched. * ECM - never used it * Corruption - not hit this one yet. * Benefits - as I said above, the indexes are replacing an amount of existing code, although I've had to write more code to fully integrate the indexes with our search front end.However overall it's lead to a simplification in the code base and faster / better search behaviour, with various quirks in the original code gone.Our primary application hasn't needed the performance gains offered by indexing, but our database has grown large and complex enough that we're looking at it seriously.

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