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Needless to say he kept his mouth tightly shut about gay Hollywood affairs.But the “scandal press,” exemplified by Confidential magazine (whose infamy makes its name resonate even half a century after its demise) was another story.

If what they knew was fully aired it would be “bad for business.” Only left-wing politics was fair game.

No one was expecting that the ever-medicated Minnelli to the (not to put too fine a point on it) sexually ambiguous Gest would last.

Village Voice gossip scribe Michael Musto said of the ceremony “When Dominique Dunne showed up, I knew it was a crime scene.” A year later a “separation” announcement was greeted with world-wide yawns.

Save the “scandal press,” no one wanted to attack Rock Hudson.

But taking no chances, in 1955 Hudson married Phyliss Gates, secretary to his agent/manager Henry Willson—only to divorce her three years later.

Not that this result is any less grotesque, especially as regards the marital soap opera of Liza Minnelli and David Gest—a multi-car collision on the I-Five when set alongside “Bennifer's” relatively modest Route One “roadkill.” Gest, an entertainment promoter whose appetite for self-promotion is almost as marked as his Groucho-Marx-styled eyebrows, married Minnelli, the emotionally-troubled, controlled-substance-challenged singer-actress-Studio 54-party-girl with grotesquely lavish fanfare in 2002.

“Celebrities” ranging from Anthony Hopkins, Michael Douglas, Barbara Walters, Elton John , Donny Osmond, Graham Norton, Gina Lollabrigida, Mickey Rooney and Elizabeth Taylor, to that peerless pop music freak Michael Jackson were in attendance to see a man chiefly known as said freak's most recent publicity ally marry a woman who only a few months before was near death from encephalitis.But this seems unlikely as all that Confidential would have been able to supply would have been the testimony of ex-boyfriends or the word of co-workers.But that didn't happen because Hudson was well-liked by his peers and left no trail of embittered ex-loves behind him.“If you were gay the studio would 'link' you with someone through 'dates,' but for the most part that was about it.I think the studios stay out of stars lives these days. Most of us have a kind of cynicism about these things, but we like to see people we know and like get married and fixed up.The following year Magnificent Obsession would make Hudson the biggest star the studio had under contract since Deanna Durbin.

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