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Or is happiness a consequence of doing things right?

Other people quit soon after because they realize what they are doing is not for themselves. ”: why learn a new skill, why start a business, why run a marathon — “just because” is a fine answer in the short term, but to power you long-term the “why” will need to be something that deeply connects with a core value in your life.Happiness must happen, and the same holds for success — success will follow you precisely because you had forgotten to think of it.” I think there’s one particular reason why many of us feel completely lost. Many early philosophers believed that our primary motivation in life was personal pleasure or happiness — that’s just what we strive for and that’s just what our purpose is.I mean, it makes sense: There’s a good argument for straight up pleasure / happiness / joy being the sole purpose of life.But there is one big reason why you should set goals – even arbitrary goals like running a marathon – and that’s because At the basic, most fundamental level, the easiest way to turn a meaningless life into a meaningful one is to set a random goal and go for it. They are, however, better than nothing and are an easy step into feeling like life is worthwhile.Read: The manifesto and check out the section “Why You Can Never Get What You Want Unless..” On page 28. Survivors of all types of accidents or horrendous living conditions often share eerily similar stories. He was a victim of the Nazi regime and spent several years in the Auschwitz concentration camp while his entire family and both parents passed away.

I ended up thinking about this more: the deepest human value, one that you can selectively pursue and cultivate to enrich your life, is it really happiness?” For some parents, raising their kids and being a good parent is their only purpose — but once their kids move out and grow up they suddenly find their lives feeling more meaningless. Normal every day people sometimes find purpose in others — a loved one for example — and once that person leaves their life they are crushed and fall into an existence that feels meaningless again. But purpose – no matter how temporary – is so important because it makes you feel like what you are doing in your life actually matters. that feeling of which so many [people] complain today, namely, the feeling of the total and ultimate meaninglessness of their lives.College kids that graduate university are accustomed to having a purpose: pass this class, semester after semester after semester, and finally: graduate. And purpose is the ultimate fix for no longer feeling lost, no longer feeling like you’re in a dream or an observer of your own life. They lack the awareness of a meaning worth living for.But what if pleasure / enjoyment/ happiness were just unintended byproducts.What if they were just positive consequences of doing the right thing and instead there was something you could deliberately cultivate?We wonder if there is some grand scheme out there for our suffering, or why after working for a couple years in a job that’s “alright” it doesn’t feel like it has a point anymore.

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