Ex boyfriend back on dating site

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The girl should do sweet, subtle things to show that she hasn't stopped thinking about the guy, and that she really wants him back.She needs to be understanding of the guy and realize that guys hurt too, and sometimes they just need some time to heal the open wounds."—Matt"If a girl wanted to get her ex back, she would definitely have to work hard.

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If he doesn't seem receptive at first, it may just be best if you cut down on trying to contact him.

If you want him back, just remind him of all the reasons he fell for you in the first place, but also give him the impression that you've grown up a bit.

This way he'll forget about whatever problems you had.

She can flirt with other guys when he's around, look super-cute and talk with him a little, and then talk to some other guys for a bit longer.

Every guy wants to be the best, so if he sees her flirting and having a good time, and it's no longer because of him, he's going to miss that feeling. Sit and wallow waiting for him to call back and you're setting yourself up for heartbreak."—Kevin"Deep down inside every guy there's a soft spot for his ex-girlfriend, despite how dirty the breakup was.

Depending on the reason, it may be harder for one girl to get her ex back than another.

Her best bet is to try to pretend like it really isn't bothering her.If the girl ended it, the guy might still want to be with her.If the guy ended it, it's a good idea to find out why.So bottom line: Be yourself and give him a good reason to want you back.It's worth a try."—Paul"The best way for a girl to get her ex back would be to make the guy jealous.If a guy still has feelings for her at all, he will begin to question his choice.