Excel 2016 consolidating data

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The process I’ll describe can work within an existing workbook, or you can pull data from multiple workbooks.

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Select the Use labels in: Top Row and Left Column checkboxes.You can also consolidate large amounts of data into a summary form which can show you as much or as little of your data as you want to see.In this post, I'll show you how to use the Consolidate data feature in Excel to take data from a series of worksheets - or workbooks - and summarize them into a single worksheet.To do this, select a range and type a name for it into the Name box at the far left of the Formula bar.If you name each range then, when you create the consolidation, place your cursor in the Reference field, press F3 and then choose the range from the list in the Paste Name dialog.Continue and add the second and each additional set of data to the References section of the dialog.

Provided you have the same range of data on each of your worksheets and they are all in the same position all you will need to do is to click the Worksheet tab and the range will already be selected for you so it's not as big a job as it might seem.Consider the situation where you have data for twelve months of your business stored one month per sheet in an Excel workbook.If each sheet contains that month's data and if it is laid out in the same arrangement of columns and rows then you can summarize this full year of data into a single sheet using the Consolidate tool.However we could have chosen any of these 11 functions: Sum, Count, Average, Max, Min, Product, Count Numbers, Std Dev, Std Devp, Var and Varp.Click in the Reference area and click the Expand/Collapse button to its immediate right.Double click to open the Go To dialog - the cell reference will be automatically listed there. You can format the data in the summary worksheet as you would in any regular Excel file.