Dating software solutions

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Dating software solutions

Chameleon Community Script does have standard features like Private Messages, Photo Upload, Extensive 'About Me' functions.While these functions do seem standard, they have a new look and feel!

Company Structure Software Development Department ABK's Software Development Department is hosting and outsourcing to over a dozen of PHP, My SQL, Java Script, and Flash web-coders around the country.

We are going to talk about the engine which makes the world of dating and matchmaking available online - i.e.

Community Scripts, Dating Scripts, Social Network Software.

Millions of people daily chat, send private messages, e-mails, and just have fun at these community and dating websites.

We are not going to talk about these services as most of us know the basic stuff about them.

To attract your customers even more we have a 3D Avatar Chat in the software.

It is inhabited by funny unique avatars, you can enter and chat with your mates there.

Graphics and Design Department ABKs Graphics and Design Department is a 'busy hive' where Web-Designers, HTML and PHP coders, Flash Designers and 2D/3D Artists collide to form a squad, which is in charge of producing the layouts, skins and designs for ABKs products.

The office can be considered an independent Graphics and Design company.

Most of such software solutions are priced from over 0 up to a few thousand USD!

And most of these communitysoftware scripts do not offer anything special.

Chameleon Community Script is a one-time fee social network solution. We are sure that you will find no better community software and dating script solution!

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