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At the same time, AIM itself faced more serious rivals.

This is the story of how Eduardo got so angry at Mark -- how, from Eduardo's perspective, Mark screwed him out of a huge chunk of Facebook stock.

However, generations of ERP systems were not designed to handle global networks of sensors and devices.

Read More AOL, on the other hand, exploded in popularity in 1993.

Indeed, the company hated AIM and never really tried to monetize it.

That was because, as a free program with a free service, it didn't fit into AOL's subscription business model. By 2012, AOL stopped putting any engineering dollars in AIM and it was only a matter of time until AOL would kill it.

Subsequently, its instant-messaging system, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), became the first popular instant messaging (IM) system.

Now, Verizon, AOL's owner, is closing AIM's doors on December 15, 2017.

, a film that portrays Facebook's CEO and cofounder, Mark Zuckerberg, as an arrogant nerd-punk who betrays friends and classmates in order to get what he wants – sex, money, and power. So is the book it's based on – Ben Mezrich's Facebook hates the movie. Based on the early reviews of the movie, this makes sense.

According to sources – sources who despise Mark Zuckerberg and sources who admire him – the only reason exists is because one of Mark's Facebook cofounders pitched the book to Mezrich in an attempt to permanently damage Mark's reputation.

Verizon claims AIM was "Where Instant Messaging began in 1997." It's not.

But it introduced hundreds of millions of users to IM.

That was in large part because AOL flooded the world with CDs.

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