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Conducting a job analysis audit to objectively identify the core competencies required for a given job, and then customizing a list of behavioral-based interview questions like the ones mentioned above, to identify those competencies, can significantly reduce your exposure to employment practices claims and increase your potential for hiring top performers.By instituting guidelines such as these, and making sure that your organization's managers follow them, you will have gone far in reducing your risk of a lawsuit from an employee or job applicant.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mike Posey is Vice President of ZERORISK HR, Inc., a Dallas-based Human Resources risk management firm and exclusive provider of ZERORISK Hiring System.

These practices will help you hire the most qualified candidate using legal, documented interview methods, including avoiding illegal interview questions. When developing evaluation criteria, break down broad, subjective impressions into more objective factors." "Do you prefer routine, consistent [work or fast-paced tasks that change daily? "Interview questions and issues you want to avoid include the following: Now that you know about illegal interview questions, read about how to develop a legal interview and legal interview questions.Companies that use best practices in interviewing and that are extremely effective in consistently hiring top performers, use customized or standard behavioral-based interview guides with interview questions to remain consistent in their line of questioning.Such questions can be used as proof of sex discrimination if a male applicant is selected for the position, or if the female is hired and later terminated.Older applicants shouldn’t be asked about their ability to take instructions from younger supervisors.These companies not only train their recruiters, but they train their executives, department managers, and hiring managers on legal and effective interview questions and techniques to utilize during the interview.

They team them how to avoid illegal interview questions.

Thus, it is important to incorporate risk management into your interviewing process to help minimize your firm's exposure to employment practices liability.

You, or your company, could be accused of asking illegal interview questions or making discriminatory statements or comments that reflect bias.

We all know how litigious our society has become in the area of employment-related issues.

Every recruiter, hiring manager, executive, and department manager must realize that asking illegal interview questions or making improper inquiries can lead to discrimination or wrongful-discharge lawsuits, and these suits can be won or lost based on statements made during the interview process.

Develop interviewing forms containing objective criteria to serve as checklists.

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