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Ruth Ellis was the last woman to be hanged in Britain — an execution that appalled the world. she really couldn’t care less what was going to happen to her.’She began answering the questions, which then became her statement. She explained that it had been given to her as security for money about three years ago in a club by a man whose name she did not remember. Ruth seemed fragile, only 5ft 2in and less than 7st, and calm and quiet rather than driven by raging emotions.

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Or maybe just demanding a little too much attention.

Another character — or the game itself — then calls the player out on his peculiar behavior, noting that it's particularly cruel, strange, perverted or funny. " The calling out is inconsequential unless otherwise programmed (e.g.

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Sophie proved she was a natural entertainer when she danced her way across the stage confidently in sky-high platform heels.

Accentuating her beauty, the model touched up her features with heavy make-up and wore her locks in its loose choppy layered style for an overall natural look.

, where if you act needlessly violent, the Non Player Characters refuse to interact with you).

Some games will use this as an alternative to Friendly Fireproofing; allies will shrug off a certain amount of damage with just a stern warning to watch your aim, but cross the line and they'll turn hostile.

A combination of Easter Egg and You Bastard, this occurs when a player does something strange or unusual.