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Seaman dating site - 5 signs of dating violence

If you’re traveling on your own, you’ll meet a lot of travelers – mostly European, and being a backpacker you shouldn’t expect another backpacker to take you to an expensive restaurant – oh and he’s British btw.

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In fact, Jon keeps asking me about how he can get a permanent resident’s visa in the Philippines.

Young western kids often have jobs when they are growing up, not because the family is poor, but to earn some of their own money and to get some real life experience and responsibility before leaving school.

Jon even leaves the Do Not Disturb sign on the hotel room door because, ‘it feels weird having someone come and clean up after me! Not all White people are rich; this is a hangover of the American occupation.

So it was their choice if you still want to marry despite the condition! We are not rich, but my family lives comfortably, and we were brought up to be independent.

Unless they slipped it in the wedding vows without him noticing, ‘…to have and to hold, to pay Lola’s medical bills…wait, WHAT THE F#%! Meaning, if you want to do something, you work for it, and you shouldn’t depend on anyone else to just give it to you!

If everyone was rich, who would clean the streets, or do menial tasks that no one else wants to do?

Ahh western-style economics, making sure we always have someone poor enough to sweep the streets!UPDATE: We’re engaged and getting married next year!I will be getting a Long-term visa to visit UK but I’m not interested in getting a British passport or citizenship as what others are assuming because we don’t have any plans to live in the UK, as long as my future children will have dual citizenship then that’s great for us!So don’t tell me that we Filipinas just stay at home, waiting for our partners to feed us!Even if someone does decide to remain at home to look after the family and home, that’s a personal choice which also involves a lot of hard work. Again, it may happen in some cases, but before marrying their Filipina wife, the foreigner must already have met the family, right? My parents are both Professional; my younger sister is also a Dentist while my younger brother is about to finish his University degree.So maybe it’s actually foreign men who need the visa, not the Filipinas!

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