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The small nation of Costa Rica has geared itself heavily towards birding tours and has developed a superb infrastructure to service the numerous visiting birders, and with over 850 species it is easy...Nicaragua, the largest country in Central America has been much neglected in birding circles, overshadowed by neighbouring Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala. Panama is a superb birding tours destination that allows us to explore some of the most accessible rainforests and high-altitude cloud forests on Earth. Our comprehensive Central and Eastern European birding tour takes in several unique areas situated in four countries: the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Belarus will most likely become one of the prime birding destinations in all of Europe.

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Home of the Mayans, Aztecs, Zapotecs and Spanish Conquistadores, Mexico...Botswana is without a doubt one of the greatest safari nations in Africa.The brilliant birding and wildlife viewing is complimented by some of the most fantastically situated lodges and campsites on...Tiny Benin, sandwiched between Nigeria, Togo and Burkina Faso is home to broad-leaved Guinea woodlands and dry Sahelian savannah.Rarely visited, Benin turned from Marxist rule to democracy in the...Main beach, Koh Kradan A little to the south of busy Koh Lanta, tiny Koh Kradan is part national park, part resort island, for now a blissful co-existence.

The island's two-kilometre main beach offers fine white sand and stunning views towards several limestone outcrops rising from the sea like the spine of an ancient dragon.The Macaronesian Islands of the Western Atlantic stretch from the Azores south to the remote Cape Verdes, and support a selection of landbird endemics and seabirds colonies. The Cape Verde archipelago consists of ten larger islands, that are definitely well off the beaten track.We will be some of few birders ever to venture here. Our Comoros tour takes in the 4 volcanic islands of the Comoros archipelago situated off the central-east African coast.Chile occupies a 2,650 mile-long narrow ribbon of land between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes, and stretches from north of the Atacama Desert to Cape Horn, the southernmost headland of the Tierra...Venezuela, although largely neglected by birders in recent times due to the countries financial and political instability, was regarded as the birding mecca of South America. Two nights in Perugia at a palace hotel feature exploration of Assisi, an exclusive wine experience at a renowned vineyard, a hand-weaving workshop, a basilica visit, and special access to “Gaite” workshops in Bevagna...

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