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This is the feeling of childhood, the part of it we like to hang onto anyway.This is why a fellow such as Bob Costas carries around a Mickey Mantle card, I guess.

He was an outstanding centerfielder, like Mickey Mantle, but despite his four Gold Glove awards, and perhaps because of his more mediocre batting records, and perhaps even more because of the erasing tendencies of time, he has moved much closer to the anonymity of Fred Stanley than to the lasting renown of Mickey Mantle.If my back gets better I’ll be a holy idiot again, waiting with arms outstretched to catch my beaming sons above me. People have in rare occasions lived that long, but Hank Greenberg wasn’t one of them.He died in September 1986, a few weeks shy of the night when Mookie Wilson hit a groundball up the first base line toward Hank Greenberg’s fellow first baseman Bill Buckner.I came to understand the notion of time and civilization through that encyclopedia.I thought of the encyclopedia itself as immortal, but a few years ago, perhaps because of all the similar information now available on the internet for free, that encyclopedia was discontinued.He lost most of one year, 1936, to injury, and lost three full seasons and large chunks of two others to World War II. But it’s bandied about in sports discussions, especially with baseball, which is perhaps one of the reasons why discussions about who should or shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame get so heated. The last line reads, “One of his top career thrills was a pennant-clinching grand slam home run against the Browns in the ninth inning of the final game of the 1945” (no end punctuation, no additional text).

Had his playing career not overlapped with the war, he could have easily flirted with 500 home runs, which for much of baseball history—but no longer; now it’s a conditional number almost as prone to prompt suspicion as admiration, let alone hallowing—has been a mark guaranteeing immortality. I know about this moment because of the headline for the 1945 season wrap-up in the Neft and Cohen baseball encyclopedia that I virtually memorized as a child: “Greenberg’s Grand Return.” It is probably the headline most indelibly marked in my memory.By 1976, he was with the sixth franchise of his pro career, the Tigers, part of a starting rotation on a hopeless team.He was by this time bracketed and obscured in the baseball encyclopedia by a Dave Roberts from the 1960s and another who as an overall number one draft pick had soared directly into the major leagues in 1972 (the same year, as it happens, that a fourth Dave Roberts was born in Japan—where the first Dave Roberts, no relation, was still playing pro ball—and this fourth Dave Roberts would eventually eclipse all previous players named Dave Roberts by stealing a base).I think it’s from when I was catching my sons jumping off the couch a few days ago. So why spend so much time pondering baseball players?They climb up onto the back of the couch and take turns jumping toward me, and I catch them and spin them around. Why don’t I get into collecting and trading ephemera on old rabbis?with your desired service and time you would like your appointment and a representative will reply as soon as possible with confirmation or open appointment times.

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