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I talked to many different people, but as I had expected I did not meet my ideal man.

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I had been a serial monogamist, so to get a chance to date is really exciting. Because I'm 5 ft 1 in, I would probably have been matched with someone who's 5 ft 6 in - and I really don't like short guys.

We are developing our own campaign on hate crime, so please do get in touch if you'd like to get involved. Police_raise_awareness_of_hate_crime/This story from the US, about a student ripping a wig off a teenager with #psoriasis and #hairloss is shocking.

We are developing a campaign about hate crime and want to hear from you if you've had experiences like this.

Can you help us with our campaign for #Face Equality ?

We are looking for pro bono support from a graphic designer to create some materials for us - please get in touch if you can help!

And I'm glad I lied about my height - he was not much short of 6 ft.

The event: It was a great night, well-organised, well-attended, lots of fun.Eileen e-mailed us after the ball was over: Reaction on hearing from him: I wasn't expecting a peroxide blond match, but I thought it would be an interesting date.Reaction on meeting him: We chatted a little but both of us soon realised that we wouldn't be spending the whole evening together.He was quite short and had a fag hanging out of his mouth.I did actually see him for a while because he did have a great personality. Making a match The second was about six months ago.To make Valentine's Day more fun for singles, the Red Cross is holding the UK's first Desperate and Dateless Ball.

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