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Visual kei dating - Mobilesex 2014

Kyo doesn’t have any problem with watching himself bleed, but he hates movies that have too much blood or gore, because it sickens him.Kyo was chosen to play the role of Yoshitoki Kuninobu on the live action version of the “Battle Royale” movie, but his manager didn’t let him.

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Though he pretends to be the scary, evil and bad ass guy, he has also funny moments and jokes around…sadly it seems that some are forgetting that…He has been heard saying “Shut up bitch, I’m not talking to you” to the fans that have interrupted him (strike!Some are not paying ettention enough…I also hate it when “fans” ruin his acappella).Each member got a color caused by their hair color during their Visual Kei time.Kyo got yellow, cuz he, and still today uses to dy his hair blond.Everyone was afraid of Kaoru when they first met him. note : Die says he wasn’t really asleep, but he was so drowsy he said it was like sleeping with your eyes open. When he was drunk, he was recorded and said “I´m a fuckin´rockstar, bitch~!

” in a very funny way, that made every fan laugh hard.In the days when the band was more indie, and money was scarce, Toshiya and Kyo shared an apartment. His parents had a bakery, it didn’t interest him much, much less bread.He lived with a girl in the apartment on top of his parent’s garage. He got hit by a girl in school, and by one guy in the rugby team The first time he dyed his hair was PINK! He’s had a fire extingusher swung into his head (by a friend no less), he almost got alcohol poisoning the first time he drank, he got into a motorcycle accident, a car accident (almost cuz of Die, see below later), his ear problem, he seems to constantly be getting sick, and oddly enough, actually tripped over one of the crew guys when they were cleaning up his white spittle crap.He has always known what he wanted to be, when he started liking music.He hated doing his school work because he thought he’d never use it.Kaoru got pink, Die red, Toshiya blue and Shinya brown or bright orange.