Egypt sex tourism

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Egypt sex tourism - dating of documents

National tourism initiatives during this period have resulted in both the increasing marginalization of the native Bedouin population from the economic opportunities associated with the industry, as well as their removal from the valuable seaside properties which now serve as the center of tourism activities.

My initial curiosity about Dahab was sparked by its almost illicit reputation among both foreign tourists and Egyptians.

Especially if you're talking about the predator being an older Muslim male who's already married and looking for some young, nubile flesh as amusement.

So sharia provides for this trafficking and gives it a religious blessing with the practice of temporary 'marriages': These temporary marriages are not legally binding and end when the men return to their homes in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

I first arrived in Egypt in 1997 amidst a heavily publicized media campaign connecting the alleged devil worship of a group of Egyptian youth with their visits to Dahab, supposedly the primary meeting place for their rituals and escapades.

[1] Many Egyptians I spoke to associated Dahab with drugs, nudity, promiscuity and a range of "evils" infiltrating Egypt from the West.

We don't use culture or religion as an excuse to condone it. as a society, our entire attitude towards women is different.

Many countries where rape was a rarity prior to large scale immigration from the Muslim world have found this out first hand.Nowadays, the real Bedouin village of tin shacks and scrawny goats hides behind scores of restaurants and campgrounds, while local children wander beneath the palm trees selling culottes and camel rides.Visitors either stay longer than they expected (sometimes until their money or brain cells are gone) or find the whole scene so repellent that they leave immediately.As Natasha Smith, Lara Logan and far too many others have found out to their horror, foreign, non-Muslim women come under the category of 'what thy right hand possesses'* and can simply be raped out of hand.However, Muslim females already the chattel property of another Muslim male are a different matter.The tourists pay a 'dowry' to poor families through intermediaries with prices ranging from £320 to £3,200. Some of the victims are taken back to their 'husband's' country to work as maids while those left in Egypt are shunned by the conservative society - particularly if they have children during their temporary marriage.

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