Book dating god

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It's in stark contrast to all the preceding millennia filled with deception, confusion, war, destruction and hurt.

He determined that Creation Week was March 19th-25th, 4001 BC and that the 8th day was a new moon marking the first month of the first year (Aviv 1, 1) at March 26th, 4001 BC.

(Most of whom I'd wager learned about it from Michael Rood, as did I in 2000).

If you are not already familiar with the concept, the idea is that the appointed times which God gave to Israel to keep were also prophecy.

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You can see just from this sampling of verses how different the Sabbath millennium is from today's world.

The common accepted understanding interprets the 70 weeks as not literally 490 days, but 490 years.

The first 69 weeks of years predicted the timing of Jesus' first coming and the final or 70th week describes the seven years leading up to Jesus' Second Coming.

Has God given man 6000 years to rule himself before Jesus returns to take over? ("Yehovah"), understood commonly as the Jewish holy days.

Many Christians think the Bible teaches this and they leverage it to predict the year of Jesus’ Second Coming. It appears that this key has been mostly unknown until around the turn of the century.

The implication of this is that besides the Sabbath day and Sabbath year, there is also a Sabbath millennium.

This "Sabbath millennium" concept may sound familiar.

They contained a prophetic "shadow of things to come" (Col ).