Dating sensory integration

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Check out an extensive list of Heavy Work Activities I have compiled. These activities should indeed be a big part of your daily sensory diet.

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The premise behind these activities is to help their bodies receive regular input into their muscles and joints in the most appropriate ways so they can get the input they crave and settle their bodies down.They are the crashers, the jumpers, the leg shakers, the ones that can't ever seem to sit still.Boy, can they try your patience as a parent, teacher or even therapist!Check out the Sensory Processing Disorder Symptom Checklist to find out if your child shows signs of vestibular and/or proprioceptive disorders.Vestibular movement (and proprioceptive input) can rev you up or calm you down.The variety of sensory integration activities is endless... I truly wish I could share with you every possible activity.

But, seeing as that would be a daunting and impossible task, I will instead talk about some of the most basic, most popular, most requested, fun and proven to work sensory integration activities.Aromatherapy is a wonderfully therapeutic way to address children with sensory processing disorders (or even without) who seek out certain smells or are hypersensitive to smells.Through aromatherapy products, including aromatherapy machines, oils, candles, diffusers etc., you can help your child tolerate or drown out smells, or use them to relax and calm.Proper intake and use of sensory input is absolutely critical to a child's maturation process and the building of core, foundational skills. (I'll be honest, sometimes adults need and love these products as much as, if not more than, the child!) In fact, because these treatment activities are so fun, creative, and unique, it often doesn't even look like "therapy".Check out aromatherapy machines for more information and products to use.