Arabia dating flirt free in saudi

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Arabia dating flirt free in saudi - more accomodating

I was not drinking much, as I was on diet, and don’t like drinking a lot of alcohol, anyway. I remember I was having a good day--by this I mean a day when your hair is perfect without effort, your skin shines, and with a little make up you look great.I was dressed in black, my favourite colour for night, in long trousers and a sequined t-shirt, high heels, and a handbag.

I’m not saying that does not happen in my country, sure it happens! I feel it is a pity, because it’s easy to buy something with money, but what about winning the prize for who you are, for what makes you unique? My friends, who were not far, for the same reasons I’ve explained, and stood by my side, had drunk a lot. I did not know how to drive an automatic car, as mine is not. Once there, we asked for 2 taxis, one to take him to his hotel, and one to take me home. They all liked him, and they told me later that he seemed a good man.

Yes, I know that sounds more like teenagers than people almost, or in, their 40’s, but that’s the way it was.

I was very excited about the possibility of meeting him again.

” So I turned and looked at who they were pointing to, and he came to me and smiled.

I was ready to give him back my best smile and say, “Forget it, sorry”.

The first thing we talked about was the usual when you meet someone for the first time, what’s your name, where are you from, how old, holidaying?

Later, we were telling jokes, and realized we laughed about the same things; and we started to talk about other issues such as our jobs, and family.The three of us (2 women, 1 man) went in one car, the classier one, not mine of course, to have dinner at the port.After dinner we went to a fashionable night club, where we all spent the night dancing, drinking, and talking with each other.In that and similar places, older Saudi men gather in corners of the nightclub surrounded by those really beautiful Northern/Eastern European girls.They grab the girls in front of everybody (something only money can buy); and they could be their fathers! Well, I know some of them make it to a wealthy life, and others just live all year from what they have made that summer, as it’s known Saudis give good “tips”.We recognized we had a lot in common despite our obviously different backgrounds.