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According to the police, Joseph may have been battling depression, but they are probing other angles, including a drug overdose.

He then introduces the pianist, who comes across as a shy young man but displays astounding piano skills in the clip.A young musician from Bandra, who had frequently played with Joseph, said on condition of anonymity that some of his friends were concerned about his proximity to Shah. He alleges that Shah was supplying drugs to Joseph, who was taken in by the opulent life Shah led."Everything was going good for him, except this character [Shah] who he had made friends with. Indian-American media entrepreneur, Shah is CEO and publisher of Crossbones Media, which publishes RAVE, a magazine that focuses on homegrown music.He was a regular on the Mumbai indie music circuit and had played with top names including Joe Alvares, Randolph Correia, Gino Banks and Vishal Dadlani of Pentagram.Friends and musicians are coming to terms with the news.Lokale nettaviser Stjørdals-Nytt Stjørdalens Blad Adressa Stjørdal Frostingen Selbyggen Malvik Bladet Trønder Avisa Webkamera Kjøpmannsgata Stjørdal Stasjon Torget Andre lokale medier Stjørdalspuls Stjørdalsbilder Radio Adressa TV-adressa Budstikka Radio Kommunalt Stjørdal kommune Kimen Stjørdal Kino Bibliotek Kart Stjørdal vokser Friluftsliv, jakt og fiske SJFF Laksebørsen Elveeierlaget Fjellstyrene Jakt i Stjørdal Lag og foreninger Halsen skolekorps Stjørdal friidrettsklubb Stjørdal historielag SH 25-års jubileumstur Skatval historielag Frosta historielag Stjørdal golfklubb Forra IL Tangmoen idrettslag IL Fram Hegra idrettslag Remyra idrettslag Barnas turlag Stjørdal Stjørdal båtforening Hell Country og Western Club Stjørdal Drilltropp De eldres boligspareklubb Stjørdal Stjørdal cross & enduro klubb Halsen Musikkforening Stjørdal Swingklubb Stjørdal Veteran MC Club Færbøgda i lag Andre lokale linker Turistkontoret Hegra Festning Steinvikholm Slott Olav Engelbrektsson Stjørdalsdagene Lånkerevyen St.

Naughty & Nice Nextdoor Niece That little girl was driving me crazy! He was rushed to the nearby Bhabha Hospital where the doctors pronounced him dead.According to senior police inspector Pandit Thackeray, "We received a call at 8.30 am about a person having committed suicide. We have recorded the statement of friends and have informed his parents." A graduate from premier music and performing arts conservatory, Berklee College of Music, Joseph was known for his command over the piano.According to officials from Bandra police station, Joseph was finding it difficult to adjust to life here, and was particularly upset about a specific something, which they are investigating.Joseph, Shah and a female friend had spent Friday night at a friend's party and returned home Saturday morning.Sidhu's actor husband Karanvir Bohra said she was in Mexico and unavailable for comment. She was editor 13 years ago and quit in 2003," he said over text message.