Datingdisabled com

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Datingdisabled com

I had read her dating profile and reached out to her after finding that we share a very similar outlook on life.

I suppose this may scare off some men who want to date women who are able-bodied or conform to societal norms, etc., but Ali is unique in every way possible.She has asked multiple times since we’ve been dating to elaborate my perspective of what it has been like for me to date a woman in a wheelchair, a question I placed little energy towards answering thoughtfully until now. This past September, we were all packed and on the road for a three-week vacation.As I was driving, swerving the morning traffic while sipping my coffee and managing to find a good station to listen to, Ali was making phone calls and scheduling plans.She slowly educated me on things like her catheter issues, wheelchair issues, general, spinal cord injury issues, sex, etc., but first and foremost we simply had to get to know one another.This involved spending time together, which we did … From my experience thus far in life, it’s not often you find yourself in the company of another where you rarely wish to leave.” After a few giggles and a heartfelt kiss from my love, I then, of course, had to plunge further into explaining why it is I am dating Ali, a woman whom I have fallen in love with as opposed to someone who is able-bodied.

This topic had us returning to this conversation several times throughout the night.

From the very beginning to present day I have enjoyed every single minute with her.

We’ve developed such an intensely personal bond that all of the spinal cord injury stuff that comes along with her injury seems secondary to me.

So, after a few weeks of settling in, I was sitting at the desk I had just set up in my office, stirring a spoon of honey into my morning coffee when this surreal feeling hit me. One of the things I promised myself this time around in life was to not set any trivial relationship expectations.

I find expectations often lead to disappointments, which I had experienced in the past.

When we first met, Ali was exceedingly careful and cautious in how she introduced me to those more personal areas of her life.

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