Updating a date field in msacess

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Updating a date field in msacess - dating the age of tires

There are a number of UI ways in which this can be done.You can tell them, by adding instructions to the form, or you can simply use a Calendar control (Calendar Extender from the Ajax Control Toolkit is good, as are many of the j Query date picker plug ins) and set the format yourself.

It is implemented as a double-precision (64bits) floating-point number.

Getting odd results and unexpected errors when working with Dates and Times in Access through ASP. Here's an overview of the Access Date Time data type, and some resolutions to the more frequently encountered errors.

First, it's worth pointing out that the ONLY data type within Access that is appropriate for storing dates and times is the DATETIME data type.

The formatting option only allows you to instruct Access as to how you would like to see dates and times in Table view, or in Forms and Reports. It's actually a Jet database when the data file is divorced from an Access application.

If you think there is any chance that your application may run on a machine where you have no control over the Regional Settings, or they are unknown, you are always best advised to input dates in the format yyyy-mm-dd, or To OADate(). As such, you cannot invoke modules without using Office Interop, but then you need to install Office on the web server, which is totally outside the scope of this article.

In addition, using parameters eliminates most problems encountered when using delimiters with dates and times. Found lots of useless posts, lots of people still generating SQL statements by concatenating strings, etc.

and finally stumbled on your post, and the mention of the OADate() function. Net Date Time object, so this is one way to approach it: Again, there are a fair number of valid formats for times entered as strings into the Text Box: 13/12/2008 December 13 2008 PM 13 Dec 08 2008-12-13 etc.Generally, you will have the Access database on the same machine as the web application is running on, so there is unlikely to be any variation in terms of date formats.Below is the code I use to add new data to my ms access database If Text1. Text = "" Then msg = Msg Box("All fields are required! Changing the format in the Table Designer within Access has absolutely no effect on the underlying values.

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