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Blaine's nomination alienated many Republicans who viewed Blaine as ambitious and immoral.

He had no endowments that thousands of men do not have.As his second administration began, disaster hit the nation when the Panic of 1893 produced a severe national depression, which Cleveland was unable to reverse.It ruined his Democratic Party, opening the way for a Republican landslide in 1894 and for the agrarian and silverite seizure of the Democratic Party in 1896.On his mother's side, Cleveland was descended from Anglo-Irish Protestants and German Quakers from Philadelphia.Cleveland, the fifth of nine children, was named Stephen Grover in honor of the first pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Caldwell, where his father was pastor at the time. Despite his father's dedication to his missionary work, the income was insufficient for the large family.The matter became a campaign issue for the GOP in his first presidential campaign.

In 1881 the Republicans nominated a slate of particularly disreputable machine politicians; the Democrats saw the opportunity to gain the votes of disaffected Republicans by nominating a more honest candidate.Later that year, Cleveland's brother William was hired as a teacher at the New York Institute for the Blind in New York City, and William obtained a place for Cleveland as an assistant teacher.He returned home to Holland Patent at the end of 1854, where an elder in his church offered to pay for his college education if he would promise to become a minister.The result was a political realignment that ended the Third Party System and launched the Fourth Party System and the Progressive Era.Cleveland was a formidable policymaker, and he also drew corresponding criticism.While this sort of bipartisan graft had previously been tolerated in Buffalo, Mayor Cleveland would have none of it.

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