Denny hamlin dating anyone

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Danica isn’t worried about it, but maybe that’s because she told Fox Sports that she’s the better driver of the pair! A lot of race car drivers head straight down the actress or model route to find their other halves, but Kate is a welcome exception this rule.Kate is a doctor, who works at the University of Missouri.

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Truthfully, we can’t blame celebrities for wanting to keep their private life private, but we do love to learn about them!The wait was finally over however, when the pair celebrated a gorgeous wedding ceremony on the island of Saint Barthelemy in the Caribbean in 2017.Chad and Erin, (sometimes known in a cheeky and fun way as Cherin!Ashley is a professional polo player who has been playing since she was only 10 years old.The couple got engaged in 2015, and then had a two year engagement.The pair got married in 2004 and have a daughter, Faith Anne.

Trisha and Casey have been one of NASCARs cutest couples for more than a decade now, with their relationship pretty long-term when they decided to tie the knot in 2009.The road to true love didn’t exactly run smoothly, and the pair has been on again off again over the years.They now have 2 children together, their four year old daughter Taylor, as well as a new baby girl Molly Gold, born only recently on August 15th 2017. What do you get when you put two NASCAR drivers together?This is a similar kind of fairytale with just as happy an ending.Brittany Logano had been a NASCAR fan since she was only a little girl, and when she met Joey at a skating rink, the rest was history.Here’s a cool fact about Edwards, his great-great-great grandfather was Rutherford B Hayes!