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(In some cases, that could be a full day's drive, but it's still a possibility.) Set up residence in Lakeland to see the Tigers, then drive to Tampa to watch the Yankees. JOSH Yes, except the New York Knicks are a basketball team, the New York Jets are a football team, and Port Saint Lucie is the spring training home of the New York...

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In August, do football fans daydream about roasting under summer heat, watching their favorite players run around without pads while coaches scream and blow whistles at them? But I've never heard or read of them eagerly anticipating practices or driving off to training camp locations with any sort of affection.

Ballpark Crawl Going to spring training doesn't necessarily mean just seeing your favorite team in action.

With all 30 MLB teams in either Florida or Arizona, each complex is within driving distance of another.

Evan, who was a teammate of Lucas Duda while in the The special wedding on the New Year Eve in Los Angeles was organized by pro-planner Windy Weiss and the moment was captured by photographer Elizabeth Messina.

Jamie also shared her excitement of her wedding on Twitter captioning "This is the moment that officially made me a married woman I never get tired of kissing this man."Really romantic and beautiful.

Well, Evan and Jamie are both free from the records of affairs in the past, however, Jamie was rumored to have hooked up with Marcus Allen, a former American footballer in But, without a strong proof, the issue got a title of a hoax.

As you all have known, that Jamie and Evan are the parents of a son and a daughter, Elle, and Nash, but the couple welcomed their both children before their marriage.Certainly Fab Wags is all about the wives and girlfriend of your favorite athletes, but can we tell you five interesting things about Jaime’s stud?#1 Mexican descent, Evan Michael Longoria was born on October 7, 1985 in Downey, Cali. With the calendar turning to February, you can feel the excitement among baseball fans. Close your eyes and you can feel the warmth of the sun, smell the scent of sunscreen in the heat.Maybe you can hear their hands rubbing together with anticipation. Do fans of other sports have such feelings about the preseason beginning?Some other day, you could drive east to watch the Braves and Astros in Kissimmee. Also make a stop at Salt River Fields, where the Diamondbacks and Rockies will be. King gets to write about the various coffee shops he's stopped in along the way, too. Watching the Eagles train in Bethlehem, Pa., then driving to see the Steelers in Latrobe isn't as nice of a gig for fans.

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