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Winstanley gave the women homemade perfume and the men quill pens he had expertly cut from feathers, while his wife Anne handed out sweets, jars of jam and slabs of dark, spicy gingerbread. And so to Twelfth Night, to be marked by wassail songs around the tallest apple tree in the orchard and the dousing of its roots with cider for good luck.

And when the war was over, with King Charles beheaded and Oliver Cromwell triumphant, the injunction continued.Two years later Charles II, the executed king's son, was back from exile. But, perhaps surprisingly, the nation did not instantly return to the traditional feasting and celebration.The restoration of the monarchy led to the easing of restrictions on pleasure. For most people, Christmas as a time of rejoicing had almost been forgotten in those 18 years, and there was no great groundswell to restore it. He was by now a well-regarded writer of poems, pamphlets and books.In these, under the pen-name of Poor Robin Goodfellow, he extolled the joys of Christmas.He also had friends in high places, and he lobbied these powerful lords and earls - even the King himself, who invited him to court - to set an example to their family friends and tenants by opening their houses for feasting and entertainment, "much mirth and mickle glee". Christmas was for helping the poor and destitute, and he believed celebrating it properly gave them something to look forward to as winter set in and provided fond memories to see them through to the spring.Then it was home for the first of many feasts in which "the dishes marched up piping hot and everyone fell to".

Between now and Twelfth Night (January 6) there would be "foot-ball play" against other villages, skating on frozen ponds, country walks, horse rides and visits to other houses for more hospitality.In one regard, though, he differed from modern conventions.In Winstanley's version of Christmas, New Year's Day was the best day for the giving of presents.After nearly a fortnight of festivities, Winstanley's Christmas was over - for now.But come early November he would be in London as the first merchant ships came sailing up the Thames from the Indies with prunes and raisins - and he could begin stocking up for a new round of the festivities he had ensured would never again disappear from our calendar.• William Winstanley: The Man Who Saved Christmas by Alison Barnes is published by Poppyland at £10.95. It was just that, as Alison Barnes writes: "He believed it was the duty of all Christians to celebrate the birth of their Saviour, with joyous festivity and open-handed generosity towards friends, relations and more especially the poor." And he would not stop doing so for all the promulgations of Parliament and the presence of soldiers.

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    Anne died on October 25th, five days after being severely beaten in her home.

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    I know I took some liberties (mainly in the time period depicted on screen), but I think the essence of the song is pretty much captured by a bunch of 20 year old idealist students full of dreams.

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    According to the article, the star's father, who split from his mother when Louis was two-years-old, has recently taken his half sister Georgia to the Nottingham leg of the band's tour to see her brother perform.

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    However, Algiers continued to be of comparatively little importance until after the expulsion of the Moors from Spain, many of whom sought asylum in the city.