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Ted says they’ve got the vacancy now because of Earl, the current black eye on the village.Earl just got sent back to prison for twenty-three years for trying to contact his victim on Facebook. Ted tells me how he and Pat had gone to Earl’s hearings. That’s just a reminder The men are gathered around the kitchen table: Pat and their intake manager, Jerry, and Chad, a younger guy with peroxide bangs who’s rubbing his shoulders and moaning a bit from their football game yesterday.

"I can’t talk to you," she’d say, and that was that.When you are a registered sex offender in America, you lose the right to choose where you want to live. So they end up living out of their cars, under highway overpasses, or in the woods, like fearful animals, like homeless lepers. Sixty-one concrete bungalows on twenty-four acres, with 120 resident offenders at any given time, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of sweet, sugary nothing. They’ve got their own little colony out in the cane fields. Because they can’t live anywhere children assemble, etc.That is, a sex offender is a sex offender, and you’re branded for decades or even life.In the eyes of society, as sex offenders, they are all equally guilty. If it weren’t for City of Refuge, they’d be out there on their own.Pat took her to school every day, and Rose would come down to give her baths and fix her pancakes, because sometimes it really does take a village.

(By that time, Rose was off probation, so she was able to help.) It worked out great, Pat says, since all the guys who aren’t supposed to have contact with kids knew to amscray if they saw her coming.

You could say they’re lucky to be here, even if it is four miles from anything resembling a town, not much of a resemblance at that, and the "city" (really more of a village) being just a lonely former barracks built by U. A couple of dozen older Jamaicans still live here, too, but the sex offenders arrived six and a half years ago when Pat Powers, an offender himself, came and claimed the place in the name of Jesus Christ.

They live in this exile, of course, because there is nothing lower than their kind.

Rose smiles and says the sign was a Christmas present from a neighbor. That’s when a freshly showered Ted enters, chuckling in his smoky, affable way, to join me at the table. She’ll hit you with a parole violation for a hangnail.

Then she waits a beat and says how, when he gave it to her, she went, Am I supposed to put that in the kitchen or in the bedroom? "It’s very much just a regular community here," he says. Like, for instance, Rose has got a big soft spot for Winnie the Pooh, as I’ve already gleaned from the couple’s video collection.

Especially since many of them ended up homeless, which so often led to reincarceration.

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