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Obviously, a system that can rapidly retrieve information based on conversational input can also provide the foundation for creating powerful virtual assistants.Now, IBM Watson serves as the “brains” for many chatbots across all industries and sectors.

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While the first artificial humans were powered by supernatural means (think of Hephaestus’s mechanical servants in the or the golems of Jewish lore), science became the new magic that would power the 17th-century automata which emerged in the far East and Europe.Recently, Google Home and Amazon Echo have started becoming ubiquitous features in American homes.Google Assistant and Alexa power these devices, respectively, allowing users to voice their questions/commands to the speakers from the comfort of their living room sofa.ELIZA 1966: Joseph Weizenbaum publishes the program ELIZA, considered to be one of the first chatbots.ELIZA achieved the illusion of intelligence by recognizing key words and phrases from user input and responding accordingly, using prewritten scripts.CHATBOTS FOR MESSENGERS 2016: Chatbots became all the rage for several messaging apps.

This is the year that LINE opened its API to chatbot developers and the same year that Facebook enabled bot development on their Messenger platform.

Though Turing and Asimov belonged to different fields, both were actively imagining what it would be like to interact with robots.

These preliminary imaginings marked the beginning of artificial intelligence (AI) and have resulted in nearly 70 years of research.

On top of this conversational intelligence, Watson had access to enormous databases of information.

Watson could quickly access 200 million pages of data, making it the ideal question-answering machine (or, in the case of Jeopardy, the ideal question-generating machine).

VIRTUAL PERSONAL ASSISTANTS 2010-2016: The first half of this decade witnessed the rise of virtual personal assistants: Siri (2010), Google Now (2012), Alexa (2015), Cortana (2015), and Google Assistant (2016).

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