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It’s up to the online dating services to solve the technical issues. Traditional matchmaking will continue to grow but assisted with online dating so the matchmaker can use it to find a larger pool of singles to match with clients.

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When we link up to other databases (if we could) such as credit ratings, employment records, marriage and divorce records, police reports, we lose control of our own information.It’s not because of Tinder.” Tinder is owned by Match Group Inc.This recently formed online dating conglomerate was forced to update its SEC IPO filing because of Rad’s extemporaneous remarks. They are most often lies of omission and lies of aspiration.It’s already starting with Vali DATE, an online dating service that is being rolled out in various cities as it grows.The expense of validated dating will also serve to weed out the validation queens and entertainment seekers.Sean Rad was only somewhat right in his interview, feminism did unleash the unrestrained sexuality of youth but it needed something like Tinder to facilitate that unrestrained sexuality. Validated profiles will seriously divide online dating subscribers into two categories with pros and cons for each group.

Singles that pay will select validated dating where profiles are checked against existing databases through a background check.Online dating can go from the low-end of free online dating websites and mobile apps to high-end of validated profiles.It can not, however, compete with full-service matchmakers. Niche online dating websites will chip away at the big boys from Match Holdings until that company buys them up. I strongly suspect that entrepreneurs behind niche online dating websites have an exit plan of being bought by Match Holdings so they can profit handsomely. Online dating can’t fix the issues of human behavior.Of course, hackers or the seriously dishonest will find ways to work around the database connections that are used to validate profiles. Videos will gradually become a greater part of all online dating websites and applications.The ability to store and display videos will add a very important dimension to profiles far and above the ordinary photos.The blockades to truthful, verified online dating profiles are mostly about laws and our own human behavior. We actually need to lie on our online dating profiles because there’s an arms race of bullshit even if unintentional.

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