Western knife dating

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As expected, you can't make a serious business for decades and have a substantial internet presence without running into critics.

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The wider and thicker the spine, the stronger the blade along its length.So I've created a series of pictures and drawings to illustrate knife components, parts, and anatomy.This will help with conversations and knowledge about knives in general, and educate about common current and historic knife components, leading to easier conversations about custom knives, their construction, shapes, features, and details.The following dozen illustrations point out and describe various hand knife components and areas.It's easy enough to identify specific components and their location (like the point of the blade), other knife parts are more generalized to an area (like the grind).Since successful people are targets, even the most definitive, current, descriptive, and referenced knife anatomy and definitions web page in the world is criticized.

The ignorant will often go onto any forum that will conceal their identity and make claims like "that website is just wrong." This is not accompanied with any logical, reasonable, or descriptive terms, words, or definitions, yet the ignorant will to on to claim that a ricasso is a choil and other such ridiculous nonsense.

By the way, welcome to the most definitive, current, descriptive, and referenced knife anatomy and definitions web page in the world.

I'll do my best to keep this critical reference page up do date.

Thanks for being here and sharing the voyage into monoglotistic indulgence! A blade and handle are the obvious terms that generalize the knife as a hand knife.

A hand knife is one that is meant to be in the hand.

The French word is pronounced "key-own", but if you pronounce it "quill-yun", I'll understand.

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    Bradley, who gave oral evidence to the inquiry, and her group were cited seven times in the MPs’ report, which adopted several of ATH’s recommendations and claims.