Dating website sample emails

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Dating website sample emails

Ok Cupid send this ‘new matches’ email on a weekly basis: It features new profiles that match specific, previous search conditions you set.

Without customer activation, new users certainly won’t become paying subscribers and without regularly engagement there’s no way they’ll stay one.…so I signed up to Ok Cupid, Plenty Of Fish, Badoo, Zoosk and How About We with great interest – I wanted to know how do the biggest online dating apps use email to drive activation with email? After receiving (many) interesting emails from these companies over the last six weeks, here are the key email marketing lessons you can take away and apply to your own campaigns.This has got to be the number one focus of every email sent by online dating sites.Nearly the entire template is clickable (you can tell from the big arrows on the right hand side).A clean, clear and direct layout is the place to start and, if you want to enhance your call to action even further, think about adding urgency.You too can use data specific to each individual customer to craft emails that convert.

Here is how you should think about creating a campaign like the examples above: This can work in any business.The following great example from Zoosk is not only extremely personalized but uses a single call to action and a timeframe to add urgency and encourage engagement.It’s unlikely that the match actually ‘expires’ but the email suggests that if I don’t respond within 24 hours then I will miss out. This is a great tactic and, in this paritcular case, encourages both parties to take action so as not to leave the other hanging!The key things you can observe here are: A final example I really like is the gamification of the ‘Yes or No’ option in this email from Badoo. The first thing you’ll notice is that online dating sites send far more email than your average online business.This campaign is playful and completely different from the other emails you receive from Badoo or the other apps discussed here. By making the call to action a ‘game’ you are more inclined to click as the reader and clicking any of these links gives Badoo extra information to improve their future targeting as well as driving you back to the Badoo website. In a single week (between 14-21 March) I received 10 emails from Ok Cupid alone. My general advice for all online businesses is: don’t be afraid to email your customers.Another example of a simple, clear email template with a single call to action is this one from Badoo: That big, blue call to action and the name of the girl are the only things you can click: there is nothing else.

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