5 things to know about dating a journalist

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5 things to know about dating a journalist

“It helps bring all different nationalities together under the same [reasons]: celebrating family and friendships, eating tasty food, and having a good time hearing poems and presentations and dancing together,” says Benito.“We need the differences,” says Nazaret Pardo, who was raised in Spain and currently attends LDS Business College in Utah.

“The young men and young women sacrifice a lot,” says Jordan Stone, who served in a Young Men presidency in Granada.They also come along with missionaries for their appointments,” Benito says.“The youth are key in inviting their nonmember friends to join them in everything they do.She also sets up a booth at her local market to sell goods and invites the missionaries to hand out pamphlets at the same time.“Members don’t seem deterred by people refusing their invitations,” says Monica Dickinson, who worked with Giron during her mission.“They keep trying because they really love the gospel and want to share it.But missionaries have a secret weapon up their sleeves: the LDS youth!

These brave young members aren’t afraid to live their standards for all to see.

They have hearts of gold and so much enthusiasm for spreading the gospel.”“They are bold—they share the gospel with everyone without fear,” Perkins says.

“They understand that the gospel is a blessing in their lives, and they want to share it with everyone.”Members in Spain cheerfully sacrifice often for the Lord.

Early members like Oliveira and Herrero paved the way for another generation of Latter-day Saints in Spain by teaching their children faith and humility.“I am a second-generation member—both my parents are converts—and I have been very lucky to grow up in a strong ward, mostly formed by pioneers of the Church here in Spain,” says Carolina Benito, who grew up in the Alcalá Ward in the Madrid East Stake.

“I have always loved hearing their conversion stories.

Having so many members from various countries has significantly strengthened the stakes of Zion in this part of the world.

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