Infj and infj dating

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While there is certainly nothing wrong with these sorts of intensive investments, we might pause to consider where dating and relationships fit into INFPs’ Fi framework.To be frank, if we assume that INFPs don’t see their partners as needy or unable to help themselves, what motivates their interest in romantic relationships?

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Moreover, INFP females, in particular, may seek a partner with whom they can start a family.At times, it can be difficult to know whether such INFPs are motivated by their Fi desire for a stable parenting environment, or whether they are unwittingly crutching their tertiary (Si) and inferior function (Te).After all, Si and Te can be understood to represent reliability and consistency.Many prefer unconventional, even peripatetic, lifestyles, which may include travelling or permanently relocating abroad.Therefore, INFPs may seek a mate willing to accompany them on their journey, wherever it may lead.INFPs tend to funnel their love or emotional energy into a limited number of people or interest areas.

This often includes caring for individuals (or animals) who have been victims of injustice or misfortune and are therefore incapable of helping themselves.Therefore, for long-term personal growth and relational satisfaction, INFPs may be better off with INTJs, ENFPs, or perhaps even another INFP.Less artsy or more conventional INFPs may have different criteria for what they seek in a partner.Like other types, INFPs tend to seek a partner with similar values and worldview.For instance, Christian INFPs tend to pair with other Christians, liberals with other liberals, etc.Hence, the INFP can often be found helping individuals with special needs, disabilities, etc.

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    Let her know it makes you feel good when she asks to see you, and you would like her to do so more often. If she feels connected to you emotionally, she’s going to want to talk about more than what each of you did that day, says Donald L. If she’s not sharing that—or trying to get that sort of stuff out of you, it’s a strong indication that she doesn’t want the relationship to get serious.

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